Twenty-Second Midwest Conference on Combinatorics, Cryptography, and Computing



A compilation of the following abstracts can be downloaded here

   Presenter         Abstract
Gary Chartrand Reflections on Colorings
Ronald Graham Iterated Partitions of Triangles
Spyros Magliveras Coherent Resolutions and Large Sets of t-Designs
Doug Stinson Mix Functions and Orthogonal Equitable Rectangles
Catherine Yan Symmetry Between Crossings and Nestings in Combinatorics
Reza Ahangar Statistical Behavior of Perturbed Logistic Model
Rommel Barbosa Generalized Complementary Prisms and Their Parametric Spread
LeRoy Beasley Extending Partial Tournaments
Arie Bialostocki On Nonlinear Extensions of the Erdos-Ginzburg-Ziv Theorem
Iliya Bluskov New Results on Packings
Tom Browm Progressions of Squares
Cafer Caliskan On Some Projective Planes
Hau Chan Beautifully Nested Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
Yaotsu Chang A Construction of Some Group Divisible Designs
Dharam Chopra Some New Results on the Existence of Balanced Arrays
Chao-Chih Chou On Z3-magic Graphs
Ping-Tsai Chung On the Edge-Balance Index Sets of Envelope Graph of Stars, Paths and Cycles
Larry Cummings Fair Difference Systems of Sets and the Comma-Free Index
Shanzhen Gao Some Remarks on Matrix Enumeration
Weizheng Gao Counting Integer Matrices with Small Row Sum and Column Sum
Sergey Gubin Complementary to Yannakakis' Theorem
Derek W. Hein On Sarvate--Beam Designs
Spencer Hurd Balanced Ternary Designs with Common Reductions
Ivana Ilic Discrete Logarithms in non-Abelian Groups
Man C. Kong On the Edge-balance Index Sets of J-Ladders and Twisted Cylinder Graphs
Harris Kwong On Edge-Balance Index Sets of Flower Graphs
Sin-Min Lee On Q(a,k)-Vertex-graceful Graphs
Alla Levina On Cryptoalgorithm of Non-uniform Grid
Sheng-Ping Lo On the Edge-balance Index Sets of Some Trees
Richard M. Low On the Integer-magic Spectra of Chain-sum Graphs
Jianmin Ma On Splitting Strongly Regular Graphs of Latin Square Type
Alison Marr Magic Vertex Labelings of Digraphs
Wendy Myrvold Graceful Forests
Ho Huen Ng On Friendly Index Sets of Broken Wheels with Three Spokes
Futaba Okamoto Rainbow Trees in Graphs
Nicola Pace Free Mappings and Factorizations of Groups
Daniela Popova Designing Designs
Neville Robbins Some Results on Partitions Inspired by Schur
Vermont Rutherfoord Polygon Dissection and Standard Young Tableaux, Another Bijection
Ebrahim Salehi Distance Two Vertex-Magic Graphs
Andrew Schwartz More on H-Matchable Trees
H. Shahmohamad Using Inclusion-Exclusion Principle to Solve Some Problems
Yehong Shao Hamiltonian Connected Hourglass free Line Graphs
Nidhi Singhi On the Minimal Logarithmic Signature Conjecture for Simple Groups of Lie Type
Nikhil Singhi Minimal Logarithmic Signatures for the Symplectic and Projective Symplectic Groups
Pante Stanica Toeplitz and Other Combinatorial Matrices
Hsin-hao Su On the Edge-balance Index Sets of Halin Graph of Double Stars
Shaun Sullivan Ballot Paths Avoiding Depth Zero Patterns and Finite Operator Calculus
Hugo Sun On Q(1,2) and Q(2,1) Vertex-graceful Graphs
Le Anh Vinh Some Combinatorial Problems Over Finite Euclidean and non-Euclidean Spaces
Walter D. Wallis On Triangle-Free Graphs
Hong Wang Two Disjoint Large Cycles in a Graph
Rongdong Wang Symbolic Computation for Integrator Backstepping Control Laws
Tao-Ming Wang On Edge-Balance Indices of Cubic Graphs
Yung-Chin Wang On the Edge-balance Index Sets of (p,p+1)-Graphs
Manuel Welhan The Hoang-Reed Conjecture for delta^+=3
Evangelos Yfantis Random Number Generators: Metrics and Tests for Uniformity and Randomness
Vassil Yorgov Modular Restrictions on Circulant Weighing Matrices
Quinglin Yu On Product of Factor-Critical Graphs
Ping Zhang Hamiltonian Labelings of Graphs
Taoye Zhang Small Even Edge-Cuts of Graphs


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