Twenty-Fifth Midwest Conference on Combinatorics, Cryptography, and Computing



The Midwestern Conference on Combinatorics and Combinatorial Computing (MCCCC) originally started as the Carbondale Combinatorics Conferences and were held (1986-1990) at the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. The conference has since evolved to a prestigious national conference in the areas of Combinatorics and Computing and has achieved recognition and attracted scholars and researchers of various backgrounds from different institutions. Here they coalesce their individual contributions into a collection of ideas and inspirations for the advancement of combinatorics and combinatorial computing.

These conferences are of small size 50 to 70 participants and have been growing slowly. Papers have covered a spectrum of pure and applied combinatorics, including graph theory, design theory, enumeration, and combinatorial computing. These are general-purpose combinatorics meetings with some emphasis on computer applications which have attracted scholars from many parts of the United States, Canada, and overseas.

YearLocation Conference Title
1986Southern Illinois University, Carbondale1st Carbondale Combinatorics Conf.
1987Southern Illinois University, Carbondale2nd Carbondale Combinatorics Conf.
1988Southern Illinois University, Carbondale3rd Carbondale Combinatorics Conf.
1989Southern Illinois University, Carbondale4th Carbondale Combinatorics Conf.
1990Southern Illinois University, Carbondale5th Carbondale Combinatorics Conf.
1991Nebraska, Lincoln6th MCCCC
1992Southern Illinois University, Carbondale7th MCCCC
1993Wichita State University, Wichita8th MCCCC
1994Nebraska, Lincoln9th MCCCC
1995Southern Illinois University, Carbondale10th MCCCC
1996University of Nevada, Las Vegas11th MCCCC
1997Indiana State University, Terre Haute12th MCCCC
1998AMS Conference at University of Illinois U-C 
1999Illinois State University, Normal13th MCCCC
2000Wichita State University, Wichita14th MCCCC
2001University of Nevada, Las Vegas15th MCCCC
2002Southern Illinois University, Carbondale16th MCCCC
2003University of Nevada, Las Vegas17th MCCCC
2004Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester18th MCCCC
2005Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester19th MCCCC
2006Wichita State University, Wichita20th MCCCC
2007College of Charleston, Charleston, SC21st MCCCC
2008University of Nevada, Las Vegas22nd MCCCC
2009Rochester Institute of Technology23rd MCCCC
2010Illinois State University24th MCCCC
2011University of Nevada, Las Vegas25th MCCCC


25th MCCCC - October 20-21, 2011 - University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Last Updated 6/27/2011 -