Twenty-Eight Midwest Conference on Combinatorics and Combinatorial Computing


Abstracts received as of October 10, 2014

A compilation of the following abstracts can be downloaded here

   Presenter         Abstract
Brian Alspach  Beating The Odds
Saad El-Zanati  On Decomposing Regular Graphs and Multigraphs into Isomorphic Trees and Forests
Futaba Fujie  On Covering Walks in Graphs
Joseph Gallian  An Introduction to Graph Labeling Methods
Margaret Readdy  Euler Enumeration
Ian Wanless  Chromatic Index of Latin Squares and Steiner Triple Systems
Ibraheem Alolyan  A new Condition for the Optimum Value of a Function
Brian Alspach  Graph Truncations Using Clique Insertions
Sean Bailey  Making A Dot Product Sandwich
LeRoy Beasley  Linear Operators on Graphs which Preserve the Dot-Product Dimension
Zhenming Bi  On k-Path Pancyclic Graphs
Iliya Bluskov  Problem Dependent Optimization
David Brown  Chordal Graphs aren't Cycle Extendable ... So What?
Darryn Bryant  Vertex-transitive Graphs that Have no Hamilton Decomposition
Eddie Cheng  Conditional Diagnosability of Some Interconnection Networks
Dharam Chopra  Contributions to Strength Nine Balanced Arrays and Fractional Factorial Designs with Resolution Ten
Sylwia Cichacz  Spectra of Graphs and Closed Distance Magic Labelings
Daniel Corral  Fully Cordial Trees
Michael Epstein  Covering Small Alternating Groups with Proper Subgroups
Anthony Evans  The Strong Admissibility of Finite Groups: an Update
Dalibor Froncek  Incomplete Round-robin Handicap Tournaments
Laxmi Gewali  Even-Degree Triangulation of Polygons and Point Sets
Wayne Goddard  WORM Colorings
Armando Grez  New Upper Bounds on the Distance Domination Numbers of Grids
Sergey Gubin  On Perfect Game
Athula Gunawardena  On Ovoids in Finite Orthogonal Spaces and Related Graphs
Sadegheh Haghshenas  Spectrum of Excess Graphs for Trees With up to Five Edges
Derek W. Hein  Decompositions of LKn into LEO and ELO Graphs
Tahj Hill  Fully Product-Cordial Graphs
Brian Hopkins  Permutation Symmetries Applied to Fair Division
Michael Hurley  New LS[3][2,3,2^8] Geometric Large Sets
Garry Johns  The Strong Rainbow Connection Number and Maximal Cliques
Daniel Johnston  Another Look at Ramsey Numbers
Heather Jordon  Cyclic m-Cycle Systems of Complete Graphs minus a 1-factor
S. A. Katre  Gauss-Dickson-Jacobi Codes
Abdollah Khodkar  (k; k'; k'')-Dominating Sets in Graphs
Omid Khormali  On the Connectivity of k-Distance Graphs
Donald L. Kreher  Progress on 3-GDDs with Five Groups
Mohamed Labidi  Single Machine Scheduling under Availability Constraint
Elliot Laforge  On Proper-Path Colorings in Graphs
Gee-Choon Lau  Chromaticity of Turan Graphs with at most Three Edges Deleted
Sin-Min Lee  On 2-steps-Hamiltonian Cubic Graphs
Xuechao Li  New Adjacency Lemmas on Vizing's Edge Size Conjecture
Chira Lumduanhom  A Bichromatic View of Matchings
Mark S. MacLean  The Local Eigenvalues of a Bipartite Distance-regular Graph
Krishna Thapa Magar  Collision Problem in PSL(2; p)
Austin Mohr  Checking Hats with the Lopsided Lovasz Local Lemma
Ho-Kuen Ng  Further Results on SD-Prime Labeling
Anak Ngurah  New Results on the Super Edge-magic De ciency of Graphs
Adrian Pastine  On Hamilton Decomposition of Cayley Graphs on Z^3_p
Val Pinciu  Vertex Covers and an Application to Guarding Orthogonal Polygons
Christopher Raridan  Group Magic Labelings of the Delta Product of Graphs
Chris A. Rodger  Fair Holey Hamiltonian Decompositions of Complete Multipartite Graphs
Suhadi Wido Saputro  On Local Metric Dimension of (n-3)-regular Graph
Daniela Silvesan  Cyclically Indecomposable Cyclic l-fold Triple Systems that are Decomposable for l=2,3,4.
Rinovia Simanjuntak  Directed Metric Dimension of Oriented Complete Bipartite Graphs
Kellie Stilson  On Cyclic and 1-Rotational G-Decompositions of 2-fold Complete Multigraphs
Douglas Stinson  On Partial Sums in Cyclic Groups
Hsin-hao Su  On Subdivision Graphs of Cycles with a Chord which are 2-steps Hamiltonian
Jessica Thune  A Study of Graphical Permutations
Shailesh K. Tipnis  The Complexity of P4-decomposition of Regular Graphs and Multigraphs
Heiko Todt  On Edge-Balance Index-Sets of n-wheels
Nicole Turner  Tropical Graphs: the Dot-product Representation's Ascent Into Paradise
Christopher van Bommel  Mutually Orthogonal Latin Squares with Large Holes
Christina Wahl  Uniquely Bipancyclic Graphs on more than 30 Vertices
Walter D. Wallis  Small Uniquely Bipancyclic Graphs
Trevor Williams  The Game of Thrones
Nicholas Witt  On the Spectrum Problem for Bipartite Digraphs of Small Order
Laleh Yahyaei  Dimension of a Caterpillar
Elyse Yeager  A Ramsey Version of Graph Saturation
Evangelos A. Yfantis  Multilevel Encryption with Steganography and Lossless Wavelets
Mingquan Zhan  Hamiltonicity in Nearly Claw-Free Graphsn
Li Zhang  Decomposition of a LK_m;n into Graphs of Four Vertices and Five Edges


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